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Marianne Azizi, October 2016

About Marianne

“Currently, 330,000 children are declared at risk in Israel. Some 10,000 have been taken from their parents annually, with 70% placed into private institutions. Concerns about the levels of abuse inside these institutions and the Welfare Ministry’s silence has left families broken and parents alienated from their children.”

Marianne’s first book, ‘Sour Milk and Stolen Honey’ tells her personal story of her fight for justice against the corrupt Israeli family laws. The central theme is her determination to keep her promise to save her husband who was held against his will in Israel.

Her career spans over 30 years in working with people to reach positive end goals. Marianne has a proven record in motivating others to change their behaviours through personal and professional development. These skills have successfully transferred over to her work in the challenging of human rights issues in Israel. Israeli children are institutionalized, families broken and parents find themselves increasingly isolated by an arbitrary punitive social system driven by greed and malfeasance.

Combining her career in behavioural work with decades of understanding the aspects of motivation, she draws upon her strength and compassion to tell true and informative stories.

This site is full of varied information, specifically related to Israeli life, articles little known to the West.


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Keep your kids away from Israel – it’s dangerous for Jewish children, says American Jewish father

Marianne Azizi writes on Redress:

“Dad, they are hurting me, beating me, help me.”

The screams for help are then muffled from behind the barred windows of the institution.

Tzion’s 14-year-old US-born daughter has tried to escape many times. She is now locked up in a mental hospital in Israel, and her father cannot come within 5km of her.

“Dad, I can hear the social workers plotting. They are making up stories about you. It’s dangerous for you in Israel,” whispers Tzion’s 13-year-old son to his father. He is separated from his sister, locked up in an institution over one and a half hours away from her.

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Israeli authorities brand Indian Jew genetically inferior

Marianne Azizi writes on Redress:

Jacob is Indian. He is also an Israeli citizen. His parents immigrated to Israel when he was a very young boy.

When Jacob reached the age of four he started kindergarten. But because his parents spoke their own language at home, his knowledge of Hebrew was weak. This was the cause of a lifetime of persecution by the Israeli education and welfare systems that continues to this day.

For 20 years Jacob has been fighting in the courts for justice and compensation for the abuse he endured in the Israeli education system.

Jacob suffers from muscular dystrophy but the Israeli authorities refuse to carry out a proper diagnosis and describe his physical illness as psychosomatic, or mental disorder.

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American boy, 13, trapped in Israel asks Donald Trump to rescue him

29th January 2017

Marianne Azizi writes: The walls Read more […]