Who is Marianne Azizi?

She is an investigative journalist and social justice campaigner writing stories on the Unreported side of Israel. Marianne is an Ardent Exposer of Injustice.

In writing her first book, Sour Milk and Stolen Honey, Marianne Azizi dedicated her efforts to expose a reality that is unimaginable. She tells the story of thousands of people trapped in Israel by corrupt family laws.

Currently writing on the subject of human rights abuse towards the Israeli people themselves, Marianne  represents a UN civil society called Ccf (coalition for families and children) in Geneva exposing the legal violations on behalf of the Israeli people denied their human rights.

Marianne brings stories and articles that are censored in Israel;  however needs funding to continue this dangerous and critical work.



Marianne Azizi’s Past

Marianne has had a long career in business, as a sales director and behavioural consultant. Involved in many company start ups, she became a main board director for a London plc. Then her world turned upside down when her husband was held against his will in Israel. Since then she devoted more than nine years to get justice for his denied freedom and human rights.

Having travelled extensively working with people of many economic, educational and social levels, Marianne’s passion for improving and changing the status quo for individuals and business has now extended into a focus on working for freedom of movement and speech.

Sour Milk and Stolen Honey” is a diary account of the years in her fight for her husband’s freedom. A battle she thought was just hers until she became aware of this wider problem in Israel.  She lost the fight, but kept the passion to support the rights of parents and children.

Marianne hopes the story in her book – written from passion, frustration and insistence to correct this terrible wrong; her purpose to bring awareness of a previously unknown situation in the West  to expose this breaking apart of families, denial of fathers and institutionalization of children – will bring change for the better.