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Israeli children’s organisation faces major lawsuit in USA for child abuse

9th December 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: A USD 5 million Read more […]


Israeli minister and judges, and US Zionist donors, face major lawsuit over child trafficking

21st November 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: A major civil Read more […]


Jewish mother flees Israel to give birth in Palestinian-run Bethlehem

12th November 2015

Marianne Azizi recounts the story of a pregnant Jewish mother who fled Israel to Palestinian-run Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, so that her child is not snatched from her and trafficked by the Israeli authorities. Read more […]

Historic Palestinian and Jewish homes seized and turned into concrete boxes by Israel

28th October 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: In the town Read more […]


Out of the limelight, state-sponsored child kidnap and abuse continue in Israel

24th October 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: While the Read more […]


US citizen in Israel for 18 months against his will

21st October 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: Yadidya is Read more […]


Ex-Israeli intelligence officer calls for funding for the illegal state of Israel to be stopped

2nd October 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: The gentleman Read more […]


Israeli ministry falsely declares baby dead and sells him for adoption

1st October 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: Adi Levy Read more […]


Israel privatises child on the basis of hearsay

30th September 2015

Marianne Azizi describes how an Israeli woman’s quest for state assistance resulted in her son being taken away from her on the basis of hearsay, and both her and her son being denied their rights. Read more […]


Israel strangles freedom of speech

8th September 2015

Knesset adopts bill to prevent state-controlled Read more […]


Walk4Kids September 2015 – highlighting the lack of children’s rights in Israel

23rd August 2015

Moti Leybel writes: Three hours Read more […]


Are your taxes paying for killing kids in Israel or for saving them?

19th August 2015   QuickPressHomeIsrael

Marianne Azizi writes: The problem Read more […]


Israel’s stolen children: where is UNICEF Israel?

26th July 2015

Marianne Azizi writes on the reluctance of UNICEF’s branch in Israel to support a planned 50 mile walk to raise awareness about Israel’s stolen children – and in support of children and families worldwide. Read more […]

Israel Welfare Ministry wins media ban on story of mother fighting for her child

9th July 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: You may remember Read more […]


US citizen begs for his life and freedom from Israel

8th July 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: I met with Read more […]


Net closes on Israeli rights activist as watchdog takes up his case

6th July 2015

Marianne Azizi describes the environment in which Israeli rights activists have to work, where children are commodities in a state-sponsored lucrative business and where you can be locked up for protesting. Read more […]


Israeli police swoop in on hunger striking mother outside minister’s home

26th June 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: As 9pm Israel Read more […]


Israeli social workers declare war on children’s rights journalist

11th June 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: On 9 June Read more […]


Israel’s systematic abuse of the rights of the child

10th June 2015

Marianne Azizi describes the systematic, state-approved and financially-motivated abuse of the rights of the child in Israel, which breaks up families, institutionalises children, and enforces the forced adoption and fostering of children. Read more […]


Israel’s state-approved abuse of children – for profit

2nd June 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: It’s been Read more […]


Persecuted Israeli human rights activist vows to fight on

30th May 2015

Marianne Azizi describes the ordeal of human rights activist Moti Leybel who was arrested, strip-searched and imprisoned by Israeli police after exercising his right to free speech for only 30 seconds. Read more […]


Israel: Breaking up families for profit?

19th May 2015

Marianne Azizi writes:  I have Read more […]


“Shame on Israel”! Wealthy father bled dry, faces jail for complaining against the system

19th May 2015

Marianne Azizi writes about one aspect Read more […]

The real story of the 2006 “Basilica Attack” in Nazareth

8th May 2015

For the first time in nine years, an Israeli family that was falsely accused by the Israeli authorities of trying to blow up a church in Nazareth, tortured by Israel and forced to flee to Palestinian-run Ramallah tells its story. Read more […]


Israeli police violence against Ethiopian anti-violence march

4th May 2015

Marianne Azizi gives an eyewitness account of the violence and tear gas used by Israel’s police against Ethiopian Jews peacefully protesting in Tel Aviv on 3 May against police violence and racism. Read more […]


Stanford professor left barefoot, homeless and trapped in Israel for 15 years

26th April 2015

Marianne Azizi describes the ordeal of a Stanford professor and US citizen who visited Israel for a long weekend only to become trapped for 15 years, fleeced and left barefoot and homeless. Read more […]


Israel’s legal system complicit in child sex abuse

20th April 2015

Marianne Azizi relates the case of “Sam”, one of many Israeli children facing what is in effect state-sanctioned abuse, and the struggle of a lawyer who has dedicated himself to saving him. Read more […]


Israel: chained fathers, trapped mothers, stolen children

14th April 2015

Marianne Azizi reviews the injustice at the heart of Israel – fathers enslaved to a lifetime of debt and mothers trapped in the country against their will and torn apart from their children. Read more […]


An American “makes aliyah” to hell in Israel

5th April 2015

Marianne Azizi relates the story of an American citizen who was paid by Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jewish Agency to immigrate to Israel, only to be humiliated, fleeced and lose his children. Read more […]


German Jewish family recounts ordeal of living in Israel

30th March 2015

Marianne Azizi describes – through the testimony of a German Jewish family that escaped from Israel to Germany – how the Jewish Agency lures Jews to immigrate to Israel, where they experience hell. Read more […]


Warning from Israelis and Jews: do not visit or immigrate to Israel

21st March 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: Can Israeli Read more […]


Pregnant Canadian woman Hana Gan still trapped in Israel

16th March 2015

Marianne Azizi writes:  After Read more […]


Israel: at war with its impoverished citizens

4th March 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: As Hana Read more […]

Israel holds pregnant Canadian woman hostage

23rd February 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: Hana Gan, Read more […]


Trapped in Israel with no way out

7th February 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: How much Read more […]


UNICEF to investigate abuse of children’s rights in Israel

21st January 2015

Marianne Azizi writes: There are Read more […]


Unreported Israel: the stolen children

11th January 2015

Marianne Azizi highlights Israel’s system of institutionalised injustice which separates parents from their children – who become assets for the country’s billion dollar family breakdown industry – and a human rights activist gagged. Read more […]


Unreported Israel: poverty, injustice, child abuse

5th January 2015

Moti Leybel and Marianne Azizi highlight some facts about life in Israel which the Israeli political and “security” elites and their allies in the media and abroad would rather hide. Read more […]




Watch: How Israeli laws ruin lives

10th December 2014

In this interview with Stephen Read more […]


“I escaped from Israel and lost my children”

7th September 2014

Rick Myers, a US citizen from the state of Oregon, describes in an interview with Marianne Azizi the pain and suffering caused by Israeli laws, which take hundreds of lives every year. Read more […]


Psychological versus mortal danger: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in real time

9th July 2014

Marianne Azizi writes: As I sit Read more […]


“Thirteen reasons why I am afraid of Israel”

18th June 2014

Marianne Azizi explains the damaging effect Israel has had on her but, after years of being cowed by Israeli brutality, pledges to face her fears. “No more sitting back,” she promises. Read more […]


Israelis threatened with jail if they try to leave

30th April 2014

Marianne Azizi highlights the impact of Israel’s “No Exit orders”, and describes how her life was turned upside down when her husband went for a week’s visit to Israel, never to return. Read more […]