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Independent journalism is as close as the world can get to uncensored news.  And like other authors, writers and journalists who work also on behalf of social justice issues, Marianne is no different in wanting the world’s people to know the truth.

Why Israel? And why Byline?

Marianne Azizi has never shied from her story and her search for justice for her husband and to be able to marry and live together. It was through this experience that Marianne started to uncover truths that go unspoken but understood by too many Israelis, and are kept silent by media inside and outside Israel. Because of government interference and punitive actions taken against those who speak out, the cycle of silence continues the silence, and meanwhile 33 Israeli children are taken from their loving families every day.

Marianne has committed to not just report these injustices but also work to deliver reports and testimonies to the UNHRC and UNCRC that the UN can use to pressure Israel to stop these policies.

At issue:

Israeli children are removed from loving families by social workers who have no oversight mechanisms and the families have no recourse or ability to appeal these decisions.

Social workers make decisions without investigation, family consultation or evidence, leaving children and their families devastated. Families report threats and intimidation leaving them helpless to protect their children and have the child returned back home.

Parents are then only permitted to see their child at a contact centre, because the child has been institutionalized, and this visit is usually one hour every two weeks. How can a child and parent nurture their relationship with minimal contact?

The Context of Byline:

Byline, an independent journalism site for credited journalists and authors, where the journalists are able to write freely and crowdfund within their readership, is an opportunity that Marianne and the Byline team agreed to partner in delivering truth without censorship within the online media world.

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