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Female Journalist sues woman in Israel for making a false claim

More Taxpayers money wasted as Prosecution brings in a lawyer to defend $1000 small claim lawsuit

There comes a time when even as a journalist observing mens rights abuse, it is important to take a stand oneself.

After following the story of one father,  witnessing the constant false claims made by his ex partner to discredit him which resulted in him losing his son, I too was faced with the ‘false claim syndrome’ afflicting women in Israel.

Last year, I was following the protest by over 100 men outside the Supreme Court in Jerusalem. The father in the story was not there, as he was in court on the other side of town, putting in yet another request for his evidence to be heard to refute the false claims he was enduring.

In need of the ladies room, I went into the Supreme Court building, with another man who was requesting to see elctronic court records. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the ex of the father (an employee in the court), who went pale at the sight of me and fled. Thinking nothing of it, I continued following the gentleman. Suddenly I was faced with extreme hostility and ordered to leave the building – a public building which is full of tourists.

After receiving a less than pleasant time even being questioned outside the building, to my surprise the next day I received an injunction preventing me from writing and reporting! The father also received on, even though he was absent from the event.

It was claimed that I had organised the protest, and brought a hundred rampaging men to torment this helpless woman who works in the Supreme Court. She had never known of a protest there before and was convinced it was a plan and all of it designed against just her.

I can only begin to imagine how it must be for a man to face claims like this on a daily basis, and I took action by raising a small civil lawsuit against the lady for damages to my reputation.

It now appears that yet more influence is exerted in the defense of my tiny lawsuit. The defendant (court guard) has enlisted the lawyer who heads up the Prosecution in Tel Aviv – in a small civil suit, the big guns have been brought in. One has to wonder that when she loses this case, that there is a fear the whole house of cards built to persecute the father may collapse.

The issue facing the father is the big guns trying to stop a mere man from defending his human and civil rights. In the test case I’m following for compilation of an international report, it is easy to see how fast a man can decline if they don’t stand up against the onslaught.

In a precedent, another blogger 3758/06/14 Shem Tov vs Osifuv. In that case a female court guard assaulted and handcuffed the blogger. A lawsuit was launched, and a request was made to deny the guard legal representation from the State. The verdict  – Judge Itay Hermalin accepted the request and denied legal State representation for the guard. He said in the protocol – “The small claims court must abide by the rule that legal representation by a lawyer of either party is no longer permitted. Permission in this representation harms both the purpose of the small claims court and it’s purpose of simplifying the procedures for the ordinary citizen and the small customer. As well as the principle of equality and maintaining the balance between the litigants.”

In fact, Judge Arbel and Rubenstein said in the Supreme Court that if a ministry is being sued, then they must take one employee who is not a lawyer nor legally experienced to be the chosen representative to preserve balance.

This is how much public money, time and energy goes into the nonsense of courts in Israel. So in the light of the recent exposure and Knesset committee discussion on how women are persecuting men with false claims, it is now me as a woman, who is suing another woman, in defense of a man who suffers false claims.

I wonder how the court will see this one?